Darrell Gale

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About me

Born in 1970’s Kent, I became interested in buildings and architecture at an early age, firstly finding artistic outlet in Lego, and then in lavish and detailed house designs and drawings.

A dream of becoming an architect led to a degree in architecture at the University of Portsmouth, and although my passion for the subject was as strong as ever, my passion for the career had lessened, and with the biggest slump in the building trade for decades, I followed up on the voluntary work I became involved in a student, taking me into sexual health promotion.

Following successively diverse public health posts in York, Birmingham, West Sussex, London, I was accepted for a place on the training scheme to become a Consultant in Public Health, and have been working in training posts in South East London since 2006.

Still maintaining my passionate interest in the built form, I am a member of both the 20th Century and Victorian Societies, and am a regular attendee of their lectures and visits as well as attending the annual “Open House” events in London and nationwide, from which many of my photographs derive.

My first exhibition was at a village school in Kent, stuffed full of professional photographers with all the trappings of the best in display equipment and mastery of software to give the slickest of results. I nearly went home! However, 2 days of fantastic feedback and enough sales to cover my costs made me decide to bite the bullet and exhibit on home turf at the 2007 Arundel Festival Gallery Trail. This exhibition again brought further exposure and success, enough to persuade me to look for a bigger venue, which this year takes me to Arundel House Restaurant for the 2008 Arundel Gallery Trail.

I am particularly interested in capturing the rhythm of light and shade on the built form making the mundane remarkable, and the everyday intriguing.